Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds



Set oven to 400 emojiPlace whole potato in over or microwave it so that it is easier to cut. Once potato is at a good cutting firmness cut potato into rounds. emojiSpray a baking sheet with olive oil and place potatoes on sheet. emojiSpray potatoes again with a little bit of olive oil and add pepper and onion powder. emoji Place in oven for 12 min then flip and cook another 12. emojiIf they are not browned enough to your liking broil them for about 5 minutes! emoji





Facts about me: Part 1-less serious

Hello lovies! I hope everyone Friday went well. It was a beautiful day here in Boulder! I went on a run before class and it was heaven. Since this is a new blog I thought I should share some facts about myself….here we go…

1. I have a twin brother


My twin brother and I when my family dropped him off at college!

2. I have played sports ever since I could walk! I have done every thing from swimming, track, lacrosse, climbing, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, basketball.


3. I am currently a CU Buff ,but I am going to be transferring schools so that I can studying athletic management and exercise science!

4. My favorite colors are sea foam green and coral.


I sleep with wish bear every night! =]


I love nike frees!

5. My dream is to travel the world and volunteer while doing so. I have been pondering the idea of joining the peace corps.

6. I am truly a summer girl at heart. I live for the summer. I was born on the first day of summer (June 21st) so this makes logical sense. There are so many amazing things to do in the summer. I love to camp and hike with all my friends and family. I despise the winter. I absolutely hate driving in the winter and being cold is not my thing!

7. I eat a sweet potato almost everyday! What can I say I love them!


I make so many different creations with sweet potatoes!

8. Other food I can not live without is cauliflower, brussels Sprouts, strawberries, oatmeal, greek yogurt, QUEST BARS, almond butter, bananas, and apples.

9. I want to get a small tattoo either on my ankle or lower side. I am thinking a butterfly or sun. They both mean something to me.

10. I love roller coasters!

11. I hope I can become a better blogger. It so hard to keep up it because of school. I hope during the summer I can focus on blogging more!

As you can see this is Part 1. There will be a part 2 coming in the future that is a bit more serious. I plan on sharing the parts of my life that I tend to hold back from others.


Tell me a fact about yourself!

Any tips on becoming a better blogger?

What do you guys think about the tattoo idea?

Are any facts about you similar to mine?