Cocogo-“Real Fruit Hydration”


I was given the awesome opportunity of being able to try Cocogo, and man am I happy I did. It is a great way to get a boost of energy and electrolytes! The taste is also great! I saw the 3 flavors and at first I was like “ew” grape. I am not much of a grape flavor person. But, I decided to try it. And I was pleasantly surprised! It was the perfect tangy and sweet flavor that tingled my taste buds.

This would be a great drink to have on hand at anytime of the day. It would be great during or after a workout. Or even as a yummy, cold, refreshing drink on a hot relaxing day.

I had received the Cocogo right after a long day of classes and I was feeling very lethargic. I needed some energy before I went to go on an afternoon hike with a friend. I had the lemon-lime Cocogo and it was a great way to wake up and hydrate. I also took one of the convent packets with me to use on my hike! I am defiantly planning on continuing to use Cocogo! I highly recommend it to anyone!

***Check out for more information about this product! And you can get  40% off when you use code 40COCOGO at checkout!!***


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