Confession Time

Man oh man have I been a busy bee. With school, running, and life I have not had nearly enough time for my blog. I have not been posting anything but recipes. I feel bad! Therefor, I need to change this and I want to change this. So onto my first confession….

Confession 1: I wish I blogged more and had more time. I really hope that I can figure something out so that I can. There are so many amazing blogs out there that inspire me. 

Confession 2: I have a post that I have been working on that is an update on my ED. But, I just haven’t shared it yet. 

Confession 3: Even though it appears to people that I am doing great in recovery and happy, sadly this is not the case. Yes I am doing way better than before. But, there are days when I think that I will next get out of this mess in my head. 

Confession 4: This year just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. At least not yet. This makes me very sad because it is my favorite holiday. I am just not getting the joyous feeling I usually get.

Confession 5: I am in a negative funk. I tell myself that I can only truly make myself happy. Which I greatly believe. I need to change my mindset and be more positive. 


Confession 6: I LOVE the snow ,but it is really making my training hard to do! I have been having to use the treadmill a lot for my traning and I am so over it!

Confession 7: I have been craving soup, but I have not let myself have it lately. 

Confession 8: I am pretty sure I am lactose intolerant and maybe even gluten intolerant. I need to start figuring this out and changing my diet.

Confession 9: I haven’t seen the new Hunger Games movie yet! I loved the books so I need to ASAP!

Confession 10: It has not really hit me yet that its almost 2014. I really want to make goals for myself in regards to my running, recovery, happiness, school, friends, and family.

I hope that you all forgive me for my lack of personal posts. I am working on writing more. I hope you all are having a great holiday season!






13 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Thinking of you! I haven’t ran outside since october, and I only ran on the treadmill on black friday….(and yet just signed up for a race! thankfully its not until october of 2014). I usually am a grinch, but this year have added a few christmas songs to my sculpt playlist. Its the first time I’ve voluntarily listened to christmas music before christmas eve. Sometimes when I’m not feeling my best and blog about it I feel better. other times I just work on feeling better, and whatever I do to feel better gives me something to blog about. Showing others how you pick yourself back up can be very powerful.

  2. Why won’t you let yourself have soup?! Soup is great for the winter months! That maybe my own personal opinion too. I understand that Ed can be tough and is a constant battle but you’re doing great! Keep on truckin girl! You got this! Sometimes the holidays can be overwhelming and can put us all in a funk, but once the actual day rolls around you may feel different!

  3. Thinking of you beautiful girl! I adore following you on Instagram, and I think that you are such a positive light to so many women who enjoy learning about your life, your recovery and your love for health and wellness. Just know that throughout this tough season, there are so many people thinking about you and sending you well wishes and prayers for strength! Your passion and dedication to your body and to your community does not go unnoticed. Merry Christmas, Hayls!

  4. No worries Hayls, I am really busy too and the thought of how busy I will be next years worries me!!! I recently went Gluten Free after eating anything/everything to restore my weight. Be careful not to deprive yourself thought if you do decide which I figured out the hard way. Also, look into changing your protein?? Maintain go to something plant based, instead of whey or casein? Just some suggestions. I often think of you! Love from Australia!! Oh and enjoy the soup.. it is one of my favourite things, but way to hot here at the moment. xxx

  5. Sending positive thoughts to you, pretty lady.
    I worry about you and your recovery- you deserve complete happiness and freedom and I desperately want to see you find it. Little challenges every day will make the biggest difference. Give yourself a [real] rest day, eat the soup you’re craving, go out for dinner with your friends and order something off the menu that scares you…I know it’s not easy but it’s SO worth it. Believe me. I would hate for you to wake up 25 years from now and only have memories of long runs and counting calories/macros.
    I’m always here if you need anything. xoxo

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