MMM Marvelous in my Monday #1

This my first ever MMM! Thanks Katie for the link up!!


Happy Monday lovelies!! Right now I am on fall break from school till Wednesday so I am having a nice relaxing day so far. I went on a run! It was the first time since last Saturday that I was able to run! Man oh man does it feel good! It was a slow run on grass but its better than nothing! There was leaves on the ground so I felt like a kid again kicking them up! =]

me run finally

Here are some Marvelous times from my previous week!

I was having a really hard week because a lot was going on and I was not able to run so my mommy sent me some beautiful flowers!

flowers from mama

I  had the the change to try spinning on the bike! I actually really like it! Its a great cross training activity!


The dorm I live in on campus had a floor meeting and we got to play with play-doh as a stress reliever. I made this wonderful rose!


Then yesterday me and one o my best friends went to PetSmart and played with a bunch of kitties!! I have two cats back home and I miss them so much! It really made me happy to be able to cuddle with these babies!


I hope you all have a great rest of your week!! I am here for you if you ever need to talk! Just email me! =]




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