Hi lovlies I will share my life as of now with you!

I was tagged by the lovely Audrey to do this!

Current Book:

I love to read usually….but I have been slacking on this. I started a book at the begging of the summer when I went to vacation ,but I have not picked it up since. I have been reading ‘Life without ED”. My counselor recommended this for my recovery. I am loving it so far.


Current Music

I am loving country right now. Hunter Hayes is defiantly one of my favs right now. I am also still lovely “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. Me and my best friend also found a new artist that is kinda smilier to Justin Bieber. His name is Cody Simpson….anyways I love one of his songs “Pretty Brown Eyes”. As you can see my music taste is all over the place. A lot of it depends on my mood and what I am doing.


What a little cutie!

Current Guilty Pleasures:

Pretzel M&M’s


sooo good!

Current Nails color:

I have been trying to keep my nils nice this summer. I went through a phase where I totally just did not paint them at all. As you can see I am not doing to great of a job keeping them “nice” but at least they are painted. I love pastel colors on my nails.


Current Drink:

I drink Green Tea every morning.

I am also loving  Zevia and KeVita!


Current food:

If you follow me on IG you see my favorite foods! But I will show you a few!

Protein Pancakes:


Sweet Dinners:

sweet potaop

Night snack attack:

mug cake proyo



Current TV show:

I am loving Teen wolf and Twisted!!

Both the main male characters from both shows are supper cute! =]




Current Wish list:

Brooks Pureflow 2: I tried these on in the store and they were amazingly comfy!



Also any new workout clothes!! Especially Lululemon!




Current Needs:

I am writing this right after I ran my half marathon…so a hot tub would be really nice right now. This would be sweet ……!!!

hot tun

But I also need a hair cut. I just need a trim….the ends are getting gross. A manicure/pedicure (my feet are nasty from running) would also be amazing! I love the little hand and foot massages you get!

Current Indulgence: 

My nightly snack age of Proyo, mug cake, banana, and caramel syrup! (See pic above)

Current Blessing:

My family has been amazingly supportive of me though all these tough times the past year and a half.  They have supported my recovery as well as my new found love for running. And I also  could not live without my my BFFL, Olivia!

me and liv


Current Outfit:

My kitty PJ pants and a nice big t-shirt! Comfort over style….always!

Current Excitement:

Finishing my first half marathon! A time of 1:26:14…I was the 1st place women and 4th overall!

half marathin

Also, hopefully running for my college team!!



Do you relate to any of these?

Answer any of them that you would like!








12 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I can’t believe how well you did in your half this morning! That’s unbelievable. You’re an absolute rockstar!
    Have you tried gel nails? I swear by them! They’re not much more expensive than a manicure and they last 2-3 weeks (at least!). I haven’t been able to paint my nails since I started working at Starbucks a while back but I put in my 2-week notice last week and the first thing I’m doing when I’m free is getting a manicure!

  2. I love Pretzel M&Ms 🙂 So delicious! Those and the Crispy M&M’s are my favorite – besides the regular ones! Also, I love protein pancakes but haven’t made them in about a year- I really need to get on that! And congrats on your half marathon 😀

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