New Recipe: Protein Crepe


This is literally the easiest recipe ever and so simple! 



1/2 cup egg whites

1 scoop or protein powder

cinnamon (optional)

Vanilla or Butter extract (optional)

Peanut butter (topping)

Fruit (toping)


Heat a skillet on medium and spray with coconut oil. Then in bowl mix all the ingredients except toppings. Once skillet is heated pour misture into skillet. Cook covered for 3 minutes (or until flippable-this could vary depending on skillet size).FLIP- Then cook for another 2-3 minutes uncovered. Once done put on a plate and enjoy! Top with whatever your heart desires! 


One thought on “New Recipe: Protein Crepe

  1. Love your blog, decided to comment as someone in their lifelong recovery journey too:) Visit me sometime on my site if you like. Meanwhile, I’m pinning all your recipes! You have my taste in food and are quiet the recipe artist girly!:)

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