Dear Body,

In my last post I mentioned an exercise that I did with my nutritionists that I really enjoyed. It really opened my eyes and made me realize a lot of things. I loved this exercise. It was very hard to do, but so worth it. tI wrote a letter to my body. I did not have time to plan it out or really think about it I just started writing- (this is exactly what I wrote in my session. I did not edit it)

Dear Body, 

        I am so sorry for what I have put you through in the last few years. It was something that no one should have to go though. You are the only body I have in this life. That is why I have decided to stop torturing you and get help. You have done amazing things for me this last year in regards to running and weight lifting without the proper fuel! It is time for me to return the favor. I am trying my hardest to refuel you and give you some rest. It is a hard process but I am willing to do it. I know you cannot keep going for much longer if I do not change. I love the way you look right now and so do a lot of people. You deserve the compliments and the credit from the people that acknowledge my body. But, what some people do not see or understand is that you are not as healthy as they think. I need to realize this to and I have. I hope that you will forgive me as we go on this journey to freedom together…without our enemy ED. 

Lots of love,

Hayls ❤

Then I wrote a letter from my body to me- (This was hard for me. I was not sure if I should be mean and cruel or understanding and caring.)

Dear Hayls,

    WOW! Thank you so much for finally realizing this! You are right! I have accomplished a lot this last year without the proper fuel and rest. It has been very long and hard. I am glad that you want to change. Not just for yourself, but me. I am glad that you have started to fuel me better and I hope you keep going. More fuel would be much appreciated though.  Me and you are inseperable. WE have to wprk together and be a tea,. Together we will accomplish great things. Please keep going strong. I am here for you and always will be. 



****While writing this I realized that I do not see my body as a women or even a man. I see body as a higher power. Someone with great wisdom. Someone that truly only knows me and my personal needs. They know how much food I need, how much I need to rest, and what truly makes me happy. I need to listen to body way more than ED. This is the challenge I have be faced with. I have blocked out bodies voice and have been listening to ED. This is changing now. I am listening to Body way more, but at times ED still prevails. This is part of recovery. It is not going to be an easy walk in the park. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns….but as long as I am moving in the right direction I will be fine.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you are going through recovery I encourage you to do this exercise. You might be surprised how much it effects you…I was. As always I am here for anyone that needs anything. Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or anything else.





9 thoughts on “Dear Body,

  1. Love this idea girl! Seriously it is such a great way to start shifting that perspective to a healthier mind. I will admit I miss the way I looked. I felt good about my body and I loved being told I was thin. But I was miserable inside and that’s what is hard to change and understand. I’m glad you’re realizing something needs to change to be a healthier, happier you!

  2. This was amazing Hayley. It’s hard to change when you have a second demeaning voice always yelling against you trying to put you back on the path the ED likes. I know as I am currently working towards the same thing… It’s not that I’m unhappy but inside, underneath that curtain the ED has out up to shield me from my “quirks” and lil body issues (tiredness, coldness, easy bruising etc), I knew that it was one to give my body more fuel. Yes that voice has yelled at me but I’m trying my best to shut it up.

    This journey is not an easy one but you have tons of support and love from your fellow bloggers. Always remember that! This is what your body is craving, what it needs to make you happy and stronger. You got this! Thanks so much for your honesty, it’s always nice to have people to relate to even though I don’t wish those nasty voices upon anyone! 💛

  3. This was really inspiring and motivating! This feels like something I could have written myself. I have gone through, what I am assuming, a similar situation. It is definitely hard, and there will always be challenges, but the path to recovering and over coming is amazing. Lifting weights and learning more about health and fitness has helped me in so many ways. From what I can tell here, you are doing amazing and will improve every single day. Keep up the work!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely loved this post. I just discovered your blog after you left a comment on Chelsea’s and I am definitely intrigued to continue following you and your path towards full recovery. In treatment I’ve been challenged to write letters to and from my inner wisdom. It’s tough because a lot of the values ED makes me believe are important, or the symptoms ED has me engaging in, go against my PERSONAL (separate from ED) beliefs. Good for you Hayley! I really admire people with the strength to open up and admit that they too, don’t have “perfect” thoughts. xo

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