I am back! A recap of my FL Vacation

I have been looking forward to going to Florida all year long! My mom planned this trip for my family and I to go on after my twin brother and I were done with our first year of college. I was in serious need to some relaxation, tanning, and hot weather. I spent most of my year in Boulder, Co at University of Colorado and it was an awful winter. I am not a fan of cold or snow at all. I actually think I get a little seasonal depression in the winter time. I am a summer girl at heart. Anyways, I will share with you a few of the fun things I did while in Florida! 

 Universal Studios in Orlando! 

Harry Potter world: You must put this place on your bucket list guys! It was so cool! The main ride inside the castle blew my mind! 


The entrance to Harry Potter World!

Seuss Landing: I love little kid rides they make me feel happy inside! 


Merry go round time!



Food Prep for the day!


We also went on the Hulk (a huge amazing roller coaster), the roller coaster in Harry Potter world ( I got stuck on it for 10 minutes…yikes!), The Despicable me ride, the Mummy ride, a water ride, and I also got a Henna tattoo. I wanted to ride the new transformers ride but it does not open till June 20th…but I was able to get a picture with Bumblebee! Word to the wise: Do not wear flip flops! My feet were killing me. Sandals would be the best! Also I was able to bring my own food into the park! I packed a nice healthy lunch and brought fresh veggies, fruits, and of course a quest bar. It surprised me that they sold fresh fruit at there snack stands! I was one tired but happy girl after this day!


Beach Time!

I live for the beach. I absolutely love the beach. I was able to run on the beach almost every morning. I would run then go eat breakfast then go tan the rest of the day! Beach running was harder than I though it would be! We also went to the beach for almost every sunset! 


Morning beach run! You had to run in the mornings or it got way to hot!


Beach time!



Me and my daddy at sunset!

The Tampa Zoo

I love animals so I was so excited to go to the Zoo. Unfortunately, it was a very hot day so a lot of the animals were hiding under shaded ares so I could not see them very well. But it was still a good time! 


I love Penguins! Happy Feet is one of my favorite movies =]

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is a little greek town on the water. It is like a China town but Greek. They are famous for having have old fashioned sponge divers and boat tours. There were tons of little shops to explore. We also went to a Greek restaurant and I got a yummy chicken dinner (a challenge for me)! 


I am a sponge diver!

Well thats about all the excitement I have to share with you guys. It was a much needed trip ,but I was also eager to get home and spend time with my friends! I also really missed my mountains and kitties! Being in other places I realize how blessed I am to live in the place I do. I need to not take that for granted! I went on a beautiful hike the day after I got back!


My home =]


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun and relaxation. I am trying to worry less and just enjoy the moment. You guys should to! 


Have you gone on vacation recently or planning to?

Have you ever been to Universal Studios?

Whats your favorite Zoo animal? 

Do you like running on the beach?

Any thing else you want to comment about?



7 thoughts on “I am back! A recap of my FL Vacation

  1. I’ve been to Universal Studios once and I loved it. I rode the Hulk Coaster about ten times and loved the Mummy Ride. It is the first place I want to travel to once I save up enough money. It seems like you are having a great summer already. Awesome pictures and keep on enjoying your summer.

  2. It looks like you had such an amazing time! I’m glad you enjoyed it. (:
    I’ve been the Universal Studios in Hollywood hundreds of times (I live less than 5 minutes away) but I haven’t been to the one in Florida since I was little. That ones definitely bigger and better- and I’m dying to go to Harry Potter world!

  3. You look so cute! I haven’t been on vaca recently but will be heading to Deep Creek Maryland this summer and on a cruise for my honeymoon! I am so looking forward to it. i went to Universal Studios years ago.. like 20 years ago haha so it is EXTREMELY different now a days! I love running on the beach but it actually is hard! It is definitely not the same as running on the street!

  4. So happy that you had fun girl! I’m going to Universal for the 4th of July! SO happy to hear you can bring in food!

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