My sunday Morning at a glance

I woke up around 7 like I do every morning. I watched one of my favorite shows Say Yes to the dress on TLC! And ate this amazingness….

april 7 oats

Then I was looking for a full body workout to do because on sundays I usually do a full body workout and I wanted to change it up. So I found some inspiration and make my own…..this is kinda what I did. I switched things up a little as I went.


I then did 25 minutes on the bike while I was exploring Instagram to help pass time! The results of todays workout…

april 7 workout

Then I went back to my dorm and took some goofie because I was happy and I am a dork! :p


Well I hope you all had an amazing sunday morning! I know I did. I just plan on doing homework and laying out in the sun the rest of the day. Maybe a little afternoon walk to with my roomie. Have a great Sunday!

How was your Sunday morning?


4 thoughts on “My sunday Morning at a glance

  1. Great job on the workout! Your breakfast looks really yummy too. I love Say Yes to The Dress too! 🙂
    My Sunday is kinda low key… I’ll be doing some homework today too.

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