Am I a runner or weight lifter?

I have been going through this in my head lately….should I focus on running or weightlifting? The thing is I really like both. My daddy is really into running and wants me to try and run for the college I am transferring to next year. I do love running but I don’t think I could do it everyday. Let alone 6-10 miles everyday. Currently I only run that much once or twice a week. I do run shorter distances more. I am pretty good at running also and my times help prove that. I also have a gold of running a half marathon or even a full one. Now, on to lifting. I love to lift. I love getting toned and feeling strong. I love being the only girl in my college weight room. But, that said I can not just do lifting. I have to do cardio with it. This is something I am struggling with right now. If I want better results I know I have to do less cardio and more weights. I need to find a balance somehow because I am not ready to focus on one or the other. 



Have you ever struggled with this?

How do you find a balance between running and lifting?

Any other advice?


5 thoughts on “Am I a runner or weight lifter?

  1. I think it’s important that you do both, especially if you like doing both. If you want to excel in one over the other, than clearly place a little more importance on that one. But don’t cut the other out of your routine either. I think it’s good to keep balance and also use it to switch things up so you don’t get bored. Don’t just settle for what you think others would prefer you to do, but if you really want to do weightlifting more than running, then have that be your main focus, with running filling in the gaps!

  2. I think it’s important to find what YOU like doing the most because it will be easier to stick with for the long haul. You can vary your goals every few months, also, which is what I do. For example, I recently trained for my first half marathon and I focused mainly on running M, W, & F but made sure to do a full body strength workout on T & Th, taking the weekend off to do yoga or just rest. Now, since I’m not training for any particular race, I focus more on particular body parts to get stronger but I incorporate cardio 3-4x a week after my strength sessions. It’s ok to switch it up and it will keep you interested! Just set a goal and that will make the decision clear for you. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. I started weight lifting in January and I can tell it definitely helps with my running. I feel a lot stronger when I run now. And hiking up Chautauqua is a lot easier as well. Definitely keep on doing both!

  4. That’s kind of where I’m at. My main focus is building muscle definition. So I lift 4 days a week with no cardio on those days. (lifting heavy enough that it’s a struggle has a cardio effect anyway! 🙂 Then I do cardio 2 days a week. I’ve found this to work well for me. Hope that’s helpful. It’s all a learning process right?

  5. I struggle a lot.. I basically only do cardio and not enough of it because lately im low on energy. I also feel im not even benefiting from the cardio since itss always the same workout routine.. elliptical. I cant get myself to do weights because when i used to i got muscle in a undesirable way. I guess i never truly learned how to plan out my workouts and how to really do it. But when i see ppl like u with muscle and slim at the same time i love it so much and wish i could too! Keep it up girl

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